Corporate Responsibility​

Our Beliefs

At Lusate, all our staff pass through mandatory orientation that aims at imbuing in them our guiding principles and core beliefs.

This orientation is focused at creating a system where everyone is on the same wavelength, which enables us function as a single unit.

As a firm, we believe that there are binding principles that we should operate by. These principles enable us set goals and gives us a clear direction in which to work. These principles also gives us certain responsibilities which we are mandated to fulfill.


Responsibility in Environment

At Lusate, we carry out all our operations with environmental sustainability in mind. We go even further to support and sponsor the planting of tree and promotion of clean energy. We like to refer to ourself as Environmental Stewards.

Responsibility in Economy

Profit maximization is but one of our goals. What’s the point of maximizing profit in a dying economy? We do our part in boosting and positively impacting the economy, people, and society.


Responsibility as an Employer

Employees are an integral part of any corporation. We therefore make it a point to make sure our employees are satisfied and granted the best possible work environment. We also give packages to employees which extend to family members.

Philanthropist Responsibility

Here at Lusate, we endeavor to reach out to the general public in terms of help and charity. We donate to charities, nonprofits and carry out our own personal philanthropic duties to our society.

To participate in this, please use the donate link at the bottom of the page


Corporate Responsibility

Our society is immensely plagued with a plethora of problems. We understand, here at Lusate, our obligations in working against these societal problems. The key issues we have chosen to contribute to are the aspect of poor healthcare and Child abuse.

How do we contribute to easing these problems

We Donate

We seek out influential charities with a wide reach and donate funds. This ensures a greater number of people have access to help.

We Publicize

We make it a point to create awareness through our platforms on these issues to guarantee added participation.

We Involve

We try to be personally invested in these charities. We contribute expertise and staff to these causes.


Since our inception, we have worked closely with hospitals and clinics to connect people to essential resources like food, housing and transportation. Today, we’re working both locally and nationally to unearth and address the deep roots of racial inequity that impact our health.

We’ve been honored to work with and support many innovative and passionate organizations and individuals who work tirelessly for health equity in their communities — and we know there are many more.

Child Abuse

Helping victims of child abuse is more than just a desire, it is our lifetime commitment. 

After abuse or violence, many children develop mental health problems including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. These children may also have serious medical problems, learning problems, and problems getting along with friends and family members.

As investors and stewards of our members’ finances, our members are at the heart of our thinking about sustainability and the planet. We’re on a journey to transform our business to help our members invest for a more sustainable future for society and the planet at large.

At Lusate Inc. we invest in and for the future. We seek to invest in enterprises that financially prosper while protecting and preserving human and natural capital. As such, a wide variety of sustainability considerations of material importance are embedded in key aspects of our investment and decision-making processes.

As more people become aware of the need to act on the climate emergency to ensure a positive future for themselves and their families, consumer preferences and needs are changing. People have to ensure they make their savings last for as long as they need. This means they may be concerned about the impact of climate-related uncertainty and change on their investments, and on the planet future generations will inherit. Younger generations in particular are now taking a greater interest in where their money is invested. We are working to help people who want long-term financial returns, and those who also want to use their money to make a positive difference to the environment and society.

We build trust.

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