About Us

Founded in 2011

Lusate set out to be a financial services company with a difference, and one that put its customers first. Today we manage over $190 billion on behalf of over 3 million investors and have over 6,000 employees.

We have deep industry experts across all asset classes, capabilities and segments of the investment ecosystem. Our experience and extensive knowledge has been accumulated through working with the world’s largest Wealth and Asset Managers on global projects across Consulting, Tax and Deal Advisory. We have the depth of expertise to help our industry through the significant challenges and many opportunities that lie ahead.

People entrust us with their money.

Some of Our Clients:

Corporate Responsibility

We Donate

We seek out influential charities with a wide reach and donate funds. This ensures a greater number of people have access to help.

We Publicize

We make it a point to create awareness through our platforms on these issues to guarantee added participation.

We Involve

We try to be personally invested in these charities. We contribute expertise and staff to these causes.

Who We Are

Lusate has established itself as one of the world’s leading facilitators of investment and risk management options, offering a broad selection of investments, advice, retirement services, and insights to individual investors, institutions, and financial professionals. We function with a distinctive, investor-controlled system and commit to a simple goal: To stand up for all investors, to be fair to them, and to provide them the best opportunity to succeed in their investments. Our commitment to our clients, our expertise, our stability, and our methodical, long-term approach to investing, benefits Lusate shareholders.

At Lusate, our criteria for success are based on assisting investors in achieving financial security, being a top employer, and fostering positive change in the communities where we do business.

Lusate provides a wide range of investment management and business development management services. As a registered company here in Ireland, our major goal focuses on providing financial solutions through all the classes of individuals in the society.

We provide globally diversified investment portfolios of Equity, Asset Management and Energy, amongst others, designed to fit each investors’ profile.

What sets us apart

Compared to other asset management companies, Lusate is unique. Our differences, from organisation to strategy, are intentional.

In 2011, Lusate began operations with a radical management structure that is still unmatched in the wealth management sector.

Our business is owned by the shareholder funds that make up its member funds.

Since there are no external shareholders to please, we are only concerned with taking care of our clients’ investment needs.

We also serve as investment advisors to individuals, families and businesses.
For the past 11 years, we have been consistently driven by the desire to launch individuals into financial freedom through a growing list of our services. And we believe that with progression and innovation as our watchwords, we can achieve this vision.

In addition to this, we build our client relationship through integrity and trust, and communication with any line of our team is always open an encouraged.


For our clients, we have a fiduciary duty.

The interests of our clients come first.

The foundation of our identity is the fiduciary mindset. It displays our moral character and the unbiased guidance we provide to our clients. It is what motivates us to go to work each day and assist others in constructing better futures.

At Lusate, you are an owner in addition to being an Investor.

The owners of Lusate are not shareholders. Owners are those who make investments in our funds. For the purpose of securing their future and the future of the people they care about, our owners have access to individualised financial advice, top-notch investments, retirement tools, and timely market insights. The value of ownership is that.

Shared Passions

Because our investors are our owners, no competing allegiances prevent us from concentrating on their interests.

Heightened belief

Because our investors are our owners, we act firmly on the investment concerns that are important to them.

Long-term outlook

Because our investors are our owners, we can put more effort into the long term rather than quarterly outcomes.

Low-Cost Investment

Because our investors are our owners, we can regularly pass-through economies of scale and lower the cost of investing allowing them to keep a larger portion of their earnings.

Our People

A dedicated and focused crew.

Team dedication to clients

The Lusate team is led by a very specific goal: to stand up for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to provide them with the best opportunity for financial success.

The ideals that distinguish Lusate are evident to our clients as they interact with our team. Our clients come first is the most important concept we uphold and the foundation of our distinctive business structure. We work hard to deliver top- notch service and financial products that perform better over the long run. Why? We understand that every one of our customers is a real person with genuine wants and goals.

Team dedication to clients

Our team members come to us from all over the world because we are leaders in our field and provide a top-notch working environment in addition to competitive pay and benefit packages. They thrive in an environment where teamwork, inclusivity, and creativity are valued; where fresh thinking and innovation can flourish within varied teams; where chances for career growth and progress are plentiful; and where each person’s contribution can be acknowledged.